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Projects are unique.

They start with an idea and end with a change.
Good projects bring about a change that is perceived as an improvement. IT projects have the fascinating potential of rethinking and redesigning processes.

IT projects should streamline work processes, standardize them, make them more paperless and more secure. In the healthcare sector in particular, however, it is increasingly about the generation and availability of data together with intelligent integration of IT systems.

I would like to use my experience and skills for your current projects.
In the following a few sketched scenarios and questions, in which you can possibly recognize yourself and your project. Of course, my suggestions are always adapted to the situation, because …

… projects are unique. 

Renate Dahms, stehend, im roten Jacket mit verschränkten Armen, im Hintergrund mehrere Säulen.

User Story 1 ⇒ Product Implementation

„As manufacturer of a complex IT system / medical device I would like to provide the best possible support for the implementation phase to the customer. Unfortunately, our internal capacities are allocated in ongoing projects until the end of this year.“

„Who could jump in fast and support straightforward?“

User Story 2 ⇒ Plan a new project

„As Head of the Pharmaceutical Development, I would like to introduce a modern LIMS to replace several old systems and enable users in the laboratory to work safely and in accordance with the rules.
At the same time, it should be possible to exchange data across departmental boundaries.“

„How much does it cost and how long will it take?“

User Story 3 ⇒ Running project

„As the project sponsor, I am responsible for connection the laboratory robots to our LIMS. I am concerned about the lack of progress, the last milestones have remained without results.“

„Why is the project not moving forward?“

User Story 4 ⇒ Market analysis

„As a data owner, I am responsible for long-term archiving in a regulated environment. There are only isolated solutions in our company.“

„Which archiving systems are state of the art, which providers are there on the market and what suits us?“

User Story 5 ⇒ Implementation of a complete IT project

„As the head of the clinic, I made the decision for a new HIS. The implementation is important and urgent. However, our internal capacities are currently at the limit.“

„Who can work with the HIS supplier and ensure that our specific requirements are implemented? „

Behind every role there is a story:

HPML Logo in weiß
Renate Dahms im roten Jacket, schwarze Hose, auf einer hellen Treppe sitzend.

What I can

  • IT project management in healthcare, pharma and medical engineering
  • Certified project management expert IPMA Level D /GMP
  • Documentation in GxP environment, process validation, market analysis, vendor assessment
  • Interim management, managerial functions
  • To learn, learn, learn…

What I am really good at

  • Bring problematic projects again back on track
  • Take care of lost stakeholders and align them through balanced moderation
  • Quickly get an all-round view and adjust to a situation / environment / people
  • Work under high pressure and still achieve the goal (together)

What is important to me

  • Make a pragmatic and targeted effort
  • Optimized communication, crisp and well-prepared meetings (big time trap!)
  • Quickly identify the problem areas / risks and take countermeasures
  • 100% reliability
  • 100% engagement
  • Continuous learning of new technologies, standards, best practices, etc



I have years of experience in a variety of projects and successfully mastered challenges that never took place in ideal, but always in real life.
At the beginning this means big goals, a high level of readiness and a noticeable will of all those involved to achieve these goals. However, stumbling blocks often arise along the way: Employees who are only allowed to spend 20% of their working time on the project, loss of time due to suboptimal communication, unforeseen staff changes….

This is the kind of task I am passionate about, focused, disciplined, with a set of tried and tested methods and, above all, with a lot of empathy towards those involved.

Goals that are clearly formulated, coordinated schedules and responsibilities that are communicated transparently can work small miracles.